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Rainfurrest 2009 was awesome because. :)
I ran into many furries from Fur Affinity and from MySpace.

But there was some furries that could not make it I am not upset about that maby if I can go to Anthrocon in 2010 then I will be able to see the other furries that know me from Fur Affinity and maby MySpace.

I got so many hugs form the furries that know me and some that don't but still friendly.

And I was found by so many furries again not only on Friday but Saturday and Sunday as well.

The furries that kept on finding me the whole time is Nitro Shep, Spark, Snowmeow, Char, North, Amran, Beattlecat, Tabbar Paw, Lace, Sairys, Shadowfoot, Stefan, and Knightwolf that is all I can remember right now if there is anyone else that kept on finding me please let me know.

Sometime after the masquerade was over with Shadowfoot and I where about to leave the room it was happening in but I almost got tackled by what seemed to be 10 or more fursuiters that know me from Fur Affinity and I was given no warning so from what I can see they wanted to surprise me.

It did not take long for the furries from Rainfurrest 2008 to remember me.

I let all the fursuiters that know me get away with allot of stuff.

And I am looking foward to Rainfurrest 2010. :)

I am guessing from Rainfurrest this year that I will be getting more furries watching me.


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